Mended Landscapes/ Artificial Natures is a print-at-home zine.  Follow the link above, making sure to select fit-to-page when printing (in order to prevent clipping).  Next, trim the edges, fold along the dotted lines, and cut along the double-dotted line at the center.  Fold accordingly and the zine is complete!
Documenting Edgewater's Elusive Crochet Cavalier:  The interventions occupy a vibrant realm between the natural and unnatural.  The urban landscape has decayed into a certain equilibrium with the forces of the water and vegetation.  It is within this dual landscape of natures, the inherent and the naturalized, that the third is introduced: as if some new flora has taken up root, slowly spreading its woven fingers across the broken earth.
It is a mending force that is entirely alien to this landscape, and yet, perfectly at home within it; unyielding to the harshness of its context, yet born out of it.  It often fades to the background, never screaming for attention.  It requires a certain closeness and acuteness before it reveals its technicolored beauty.
The neighborhood has no shortage of orienting landmarks and symbols: the ever-present gravity of the lake to the east, the constant flow of air traffic toward the west, the long avenues stretching for miles to the north and the south.  Yet, these crafted interventions bring a certain filigree and refinement; this could only be Edgewater.
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